4 Weeks New Easy Korean 1B Speaking Class

4 Weeks New Easy Korean 1B Speaking Class

My Korean School
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Have you completed the Elementary 4 class with My Korean School but need more time to practice before jumping to the Pre-Intermediate 1 class? Our lessons will take you by the hand and guide you to build a solid foundation. Practice the expressions and the words you have learned from Elementary 3 & 4 classes so you can speak Korean with comfort and without hesitation!

<4 Weeks New Easy Korean 1B Speaking Class> is for language learners who have COMPLETED ELEMENTARY 4 CLASS  and want to review and improve their Korean speaking skills so that they can confidently join the Pre-Intermediate 1 class.

It is a 1.5 hour class, and the class will be once a week,

■ This speaking class is for students who have COMPLETED ELEMENTARY 4 CLASS.

 This speaking class focuses on speaking based on the Easy Korean 1B textbook. We recommend this class to the students who want to practice speaking and have a quick grammar review.

■ Students are required to preview provided materials to smoothly join class activities.

■ Every student will create a short speech introducing your family and job. Students will deliver a speech in Korean using visual aids (PowerPoint, Infographic, Poster, etc.).

■ No textbook required for this course. Materials will be provided.



  • (Online Zoom Group Class) Easy Korean 1B Speaking Class - Starting on Thur. 19 May 7:15pm - 8:45pm  over 4 weeks

    Once you are enrolled, you will get a simple confirmation email. One or two days before your class, your teacher will send you class materials and a link to your classroom. 

    • Learn from native speakers who are qualified to teach Korean
    • Stay home and learn Korean in a virtual classroom
    • Easy access and simple to join classes
    • Small group size - Maximum 4 in a classroom