6 Week Elementary 1A-B Speaking Class

6 Week Elementary 1A-B Speaking Class

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Having a desire to learn speaking skills from your first lesson? Our lessons take you by the hand and guide you through reaKorean conversations. Practice the expressions and the words that Korean people use in real life with My Korean School!

<6 Week Conversation Class> is for language learners who know how to read Korean only or Korean grammar roughly but want to improve their Korean skills so that they can use practical Koreans in their daily life and proper words in specific situations.

It is 85 min. class, and the class will be once a week,

 This speaking class focuses on speaking instead of the grammar from textbooks. We recommend this class to students who want to practice only speaking and improve basic Korean speaking skills to prepare for travel or future careers.
■ You can practice the expressions and the pronunciation that Korean people use in real life with our dialogue activities.
■ Every Student will have a short speech with any topics that are relevant to Korea such as.. K-pop, K-drama, Korean celebrities, Korean products, Korean history, Favorite places in Korea, ect. Students can deliver a speech using either Korean or English that students are comfortable with. 

Timetable and Curriculum

Speaking  Date Time Book Unit Activity Role Plat
Session 1 7/5/2024 Tue19:30-20:55 1A Unit 2 & 3 자기 소개 & 친구 소개 카페 & 식당 주문
Session 2 14/5/2024 1A Unit 4 & 5 자기 방 소개하기 & 일주일 일과 길 찾기
Session 3 21/5/2024 1A Unit 6 & 7 오늘 한 일 & 다음 주 계획 체험 1
Session 4 28/5/2024 1A & 1B Unit 8 & 1B-Unit 1 시간 묻기 & 지하철 타기 체험 2
Session 5 4/6/2024 1B Unit 2 & 3 착용 동사 쇼핑
Session 6 11/6/2024 1B Unit 4 관광-1 관광-2


Before joining our 6 Weeks Conversation Class, it is essential that you are able to read the Korean Alphabet Hangul.

This speaking class is for Elementary 1A to 1B level students.

You must be able to..
a. Read Hangul knowing what sounds are associated with which characters (both consonants and vowels)
b. Form basic sentence structure using object marking particle (을/를) and present tense ending (아/어/해요). 

*To enroll in this course, participants must have already completed ELEMENTARY 1A-4. It is crucial for students to understand their current proficiency level. If you are uncertain about your level or have any related questions, please reach out to us via email. This will ensure that the course content aligns with your current knowledge and provides an effective learning experience.

● No textbook required for this course. Materials will be provided.

 Once you are enrolled, you will get a simple confirmation email. One or two days before your class, your teacher will send you class materials and a link to your classroom. 

  • Learn from native speakers who are qualified to teach Korean
  • Stay home and learn Korean in a virtual classroom
  • Easy access and simple to join classes
  • Small group size - Maximum 8 in a classroom