2023 TOPIK Preparation (6 people only)

2023 TOPIK Preparation (6 people only)

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2023 TOPIK Preparation (6 people only)

안녕하세요 여러분!
Finally TOPIK class schedules are here.

All the lessons including face to face classes will be recorded so that you can watch it again. 

Please join the first lesson 7:15 TOPIK preparation online or face to face. 

[TOPIK Preparation course schedule]

  • Saturday 6:00 pm: Face to face & Online (a.k.a Hybrid)
    • Grammar and Vocabulary
    • Number of sessions:
      • 10 (15 hours)
  • Students level: Level 2 --> Level 3
    • The course fee: 
      • $ 715 —> $545 

    혜진 선생님 will conduct TOPIK Preparation throughout the next 10 week. 혜진 선생님 has more than 5 years experience in teaching TOPIK exams and we believe that our students will benefit greatly by preparing for the TOPIK exam with MKS.

    In TOPIK Preparation: 

    • Sample exams will be provided every week and 혜진 선생님 will guide you with the tips and skills to gain a successful result.
    • TOPIK vocabulary that is organised by theme will be given to you every week so that you can understand the questions better.
    • All the class will be streaming online including face to face tutorial on Tuesday.