2021 MKS spring picnic is now ready to go! We deserve it, Melbournians!

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One of the popular outside MKS activity is now ready!

MKS spring picnic is finally set on November for every Melbournian students who are just getting out of lockdown! We deserve it 😍

✨MKS Spring Picnic ✨

When: Sunday 28 Nov 2021 at 1pm
Where: Royal Exhibition and Carlton Gardens


The picnic will be BYO picnic so please feel free to bring your favourite foods and drinks to enjoy with your friends! It will be great opportunity to meet your classmates that you have been studied together virtually and also make new friends from other class 🥰 It is always exciting to see new people at new place and hope every MKS students builds good friendship with all schoolmates!


Please speak to your teacher if you wish to join the picnic or email us to info@mykoreanschool.com