How do I know my level?

If you do not know which level is best for you, let us know by emailing us at mykoreanschoolmel@gmail.com and we will send you a level test.


I’m an absolute beginner, which class should I join?

If you have never studied Korean before we recommend starting with our Hangul class. After the 4-week Hangul class you will be able to read the Korean alphabet and be able to start our Elementary 1 class.


How do I enrol?

Go to the Our Classes page and select on the level/ course you wish to take. There you will see a drop down with the days and times each class is available. Select the specific class you wish to enrol in. Once you purchase that class you are enrolled.


Are your teachers qualified or trained?

Yes, all our teachers are qualified teachers and are native speakers of the Korean Language.


Who is invited to MKS events?

All our students are invited to all MKS events. Some events family and friends can be invited to. We will let you know when an event is open to other people and not just students.


How long does it take to be fluent in Korean?

There is no set time for how long it takes to be fluent in Korean. When our students get to the Intermediate levels and above their fluency increases and they can have more in-depth conversations with Korean people.


Do I get class materials each week?

Depending on the class you are taking and whether it is online or on campus, you will have materials sent to you by your teacher or printed out for you. Some classes receive new material each week, others receive it when they start a new chapter in the books they are using. Please ask your teacher for the specifics for your class.


What can I do if I miss a class?

Please let your teacher know beforehand if possible and they will record the class for you, even if it is n campus. If you can’t let them know beforehand, ask you teacher to send you the class materials and any teaching materials they used during the class. Our teachers will help you to understand what you missed.