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Hangul Course

Korean Vowels
a ya eo yeo o yo u yu eu i

Korean Consonants
g n d r/l m b s ng j ch k t p h

Learn Korean alphabet, Hangul, before getting into the regular Korean classes!

What is Hangul? 한글 (Hangul) is the Korean alphabet that Koreans use a a writing system. (Han) means Korean and (gul) means letter and it consists of 24 letters including 14 consonants and 10 vowels. Hangul is easy to learn but it is even more straightforward when you have a native speaker to help you practice the pronunciation of each character.

In Beginner classes, you will be mainly focus on learning basic Korean Hangul as well as the compound consonants and vowels. You will form Hangul words by combining these consonants and vowels too. You will be learning ,,,,,,,,,,,,, as well as the 받침.

Before you start your Elementary 1A-1 class, it is strongly recommended you learn to read Hangul first so you will pick up the language faster.

  • Once a week
  • 6 sessions for 6 weeks
  • 1 session = 85 minutes
  • Engaging class activities
  • Face to face or online classes
  • Small group: usually 3 to 6 people in a classroom (max.8)


MKS General/regular Korean language classes are 90 minutes in duration every week. Each level takes 10 weeks to complete. the MKS regular Korean class consists of 10 levels including the elementary level to advanced levels. Our regular classes are recommended for any Korean language learners from those who have never learned Korean before to those who want to understand Korean news and master TOPIK. People who can read the Korean Hangul already can join our Elementary 1 class, and if you don’t think you are a beginner you can ask for a free level test anytime.


 Course Levels Study Goals TOPIK Textbook
Elementary 1A & 1B

Learn basic Korean expressions.

Use of basic commands of Korean for survival, such as greeting, purchasing, ordering, etc.

Expressing and understanding oneself in simple everyday conversation by making simple sentences from 800 basic words.

L1 New Easy Korean
Pre-Intermediate 2A & 2B

Learn formal and informal expressions.

Discussion of familiar topics employing a vocabulary of about 1,500∼2,000 words.

Distinguishing correctly between formal and informal situations.

L2 New Easy Korean
Intemediate 3A & 3B Carrying out transactions with people in public spaces and maintaining social relationships.

Understanding the correct usage of words and speech.  Command of fundamental characteristics of Korean.
L3 New Easy Korean
Upper-Intermediate 4A & 4B Comprehension of news articles, general social issues and abstract topics with accuracy and fluency.

Comprehension of Korean social and cultural contents relying on essential idioms and understanding of representative aspects of Korean culture.
L4 New Easy Korean
Advanced 5 & 6 High fluency in using the Korean language in professional research or work.

Understanding and discussing less unfamiliar topics in politics, economics and other fields.

Usage of appropriate expressions, distinguishing formal and informal, written and spoken, by context.
L5-6 New Easy Korean
  • Once a week
  • 10-12 sessions for 10-12 weeks
  • 1 session = 90 minutes
  • Small group of Class
  • Korean level test required (if applicable)


Types Number of students Scedule Price 
Semi-private lesson 1:2 lesson 55 min. X 8 sessions From $336~
Private lesson 1:1 lesson 55 min. x 8 sessions From $438~
TOPIK Private 1:1 lesson TBC $73 / hour


MKS offers Korean classes for business which require employees to build their level of practical Korean speaking and writing skills. Our Business Korean program is personalised and designed to improve Korean language skills as well as learning Korean culture to achieve your business goals. Please contact MKS directly to find out more program information.


 TOPIK (Test Of Proficiency in Korean) is a written test designed to measure the ability of non-native speakers for expression and comprehension in the Korean language. This course is for students who intending to take TOPIK in near future to either enter Korean university or Korean company, and/or to receive official Korean proficiency test result. This is a comprehensive course in which you will be studying from the basics to the advanced level and you will be learning its test structure and question patterns so that you could be more familiar to the test before going to the test centre.

  • Only available for private tutoring
  • Require Korean level test before applying the course
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels are available