About us

About My Korean School

My Korean School (MKS) is the only Korean language school located in the
central city of Melbourne, Australia.

Our teachers are professional as Korean language instructors and passionate
in helping student learn effectively and actively with fun.

MKS is not only a place for learning but also a meeting hub to make friends
and experience Korean culture. 

Enjoy learning Korean at MKS.



The Qualified Instructors

MKS is well known for its experienced instructors  who were educated and
trained in teaching Korean as a foreign language.

Our curriculums and contents of the lectures are carefully devised and
managed by the instructors. 

Korean Cultural Centre

MKS help you have better understanding of Korea throughout cultural activities
such as making Kimchi, Taekwondo, K pop dance and etc.

Our activities also include art exhibitions, film screenings and culinary events
for students and anyone who is interested in Korean culture to become more
familiar with Korea.