The small classes and lesson structure is great!

Korean language school

Like many people, I tried to learn Korean on my own. There are a lot of great resources online and apps, but I needed that extra guidance from a Korean Native. MKS is great with its small classes, lesson structures and supportive teachers! My teacher, 린 선생님 is friendly and will answer any questions I have no matter how silly it was. Each lesson has great range of exercises to do during class and after. I completed E1 on campus and E2 was to be on campus but due to lockdowns it was moved online. For those worried about learning online or aren't in Melbourne, it hasn't change the quality of the lessons. Each lesson is well structured to build on top of one another.

If you are looking for a school to learn Korean, make some new friends, or just learn about Korean, give MKS a go!

- Dan B