I understood the teachers easily!

Goodnight, my dear teacher and all my cute classmates. It was a pleasure to meet all you guys , I have improved my korean from nothing to know how to read and speak basically now ,I love everyone from the korean class, including Mimi xi, anyako xi, Catherine xi, especially anyako xi and our kind and beautiful teacher. Thanks for anyako xi for helping me finishing my CV and bringing medicines to me after knowing I was sick , those tiny actions made me feel very welcomed and heartwarming, you are so kind and hard working I hope you have a wonderful career once you go back to japan . Thanks for the teacher , Jacky xi you made our classes become incredibly entertaining while be knowledgeable as well , you taught us Korean concepts in your ways which made us understand them easily and effectively, what is more , apart from the classes, you are a very caring and funny person as well. I hope you will have an amazing career in Melbourne and have a fantastic life with all your friends and family members. Words cannot express how I appreciate for making friends with you guys . It was a treasure to know how Korean culture it is and know how to read and write in Korean , I will never forget it, I hope you guys will get massive improvements in learning Korean , you guys are all cute and hardworking people, knowing a new language is not a easy thing to do but we gathered together with our passion for learning it , it would definitely work out greatly one day ~~~ I love you guys!!

- Jien