TOPIK I Preparation Live Online

TOPIK I Preparation Live Online

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2024 TOPIK I Preparation Live Online Course

안녕하세요 여러분!

Y2024 TOPIK I class schedules are here.

All the LIVE ONLINE classes will be recorded so that you can watch them again. 

[TOPIK I Preparation Course Schedule]

  • TOPIK I (Level 1-2)
  • 1st July Mon 7:35 - 9:00 pm Live Online
  • 15 weeks 22.5 Hours Course
  • Grammar/Listening/Reading & Vocab/Mock Test
  • Early Bird Price  $427.5   --> Original Price is $513
Date Curriculum
1/7/2024 Grammar-1 Vocab
8/7/2024 Grammar-2 Vocab
15/7/2024 Grammar-3 Vocab
22/7/2024 Grammar-4 Vocab
29/7/2024 Grammar-5 Vocab
5/8/2024 Grammar-6 Vocab
12/8/2024 Grammar-7 Vocab
19/8/2024 Grammar-8 Vocab
26/8/2024 Listening Reading
2/9/2024 Listening Reading
9/9/2024 Listening Reading
16/9/2024 Listening Reading
23/9/2024 Listening Reading
30/9/2024 Mock Test -1
7/10/2024 Mock Test -2


The TOPIK I - II course at MKS is designed to cater to students who have completed various levels of Korean language proficiency. Here's how the course aligns with different proficiency levels:

Completion of Course Equivalent TOPIK Level
Elementary 1A-1B Level TOPIK Level 1
Pre-Intermediate 2A-2B Level TOPIK Level 2
Intermediate 3A-3B Level TOPIK Level 3
Upper Intermediate 4A-4B Level TOPIK Level 4


In this course, students will further develop their Korean language skills and prepare for the corresponding TOPIK level examination. The curriculum will focus on enhancing listening, reading, vocabulary and writing abilities in Korean, with tailored exercises and materials to suit each proficiency level.

Join us in the TOPIK course at MKS to take your Korean language proficiency to the next level and achieve success in the TOPIK examination!

In TOPIK Preparation: 

  • TOPIK grammar will be provided in Part A and 혜진 선생님 will guide you with basic grammar knowledge and grammar practice.
  • TOPIK vocabulary that is organized by theme will be given to you in Part B so that you can understand the questions better.
  • Sample exams will be provided in Mock Test Class by 혜진 선생님, and will guide you with the tips and skills to gain a successful result.
    • All the classes will be streaming live online and Katalk Q & A.
    • If your results from the first examination are not as expected, you will have the opportunity to attend the course again free of charge next year.

    If you have any questions or need further clarification, feel free to reach out to us.