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Step By Step Class Online

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Step-By-Step Class

MKS Step-By-Step Course is now available! This course is for students who want to learn Korean at a slower pace.
During each class, students will only cover half the amount of material compared to a regular course. For example, if a regular course covers 2 topics in an hour and a half, students may only cover 1 topic over an hour with the MKS Step-By-Step Course. 

However, the pace will vary according to the student's progression. The teacher of this course will find a pace that is comfortable for you and make sure you have fun with it!

Recommend to the students:

* who are looking for slow pace learning
* who do not have time to do review or homework
* who would like to enjoy tailored curriculum only for your class

About this course:

  • The student will learn at their own pace - You will work through the book at a nice and easy pace. Teachers can answer more questions and revisit material you need more support with. 
  • You will learn Hangul first and then when you are ready you will move on to Elementary level-1 content.
  • 6 students only in the class for 60 minutes - Please enquire first to be put on the waiting list. 
  • New Easy Korean 1A - You will use this book to learn the most useful Korean phrases. You can purchase your textbook here.
  • Online via Zoom - Learn anywhere 
  • Trained Korean language teacher

Step by Step Hangul

We provide step-by-step lessons that will teach you how to read the Korean Alphabet with well-structured lesson plans. It is quite easy to learn, but it is even more straightforward when you have a native speaker to help you practice the pronunciation of the characters. 

Step by Step Elementary 1A

After you have learned the Korean alphabet and spent some time reading some simple words, you will learn how to greet in Korean in different situations with the right expressions. You will learn how to order food in Korean restaurants, how to explain where things are and how to say what you do from day to day. For example,

-안녕하세요? 안녕히 가세요. 안녕히 계세요. 

-아메리카노 한 잔하고 주스 두 병 주세요.

-언니는 아버지 뒤에 있어요.

-금요일에 운동을 안 해요.

Your teacher will teach you everything you need to know!

Step-By-Step ongoing

Live Online class (Melbourne Time) 

  • (Online) Pre-intermediate 2A Step-By-Step - Mon. 13 May 1:00 - 2:00 pm (10 weeks)

On Campus Class (Melbourne Time)

  • Enquire

How to join our classes

Register for your course via website via making a payment. Once you are enrolled, you will get a simple confirmation email. One day before your first session, your teacher will send you class materials and a link to your classroom (for online class). 

  • Learn from native speakers who are trained to teach Korean
  • Enjoy face to face learning
  • Or stay home and learn Korean in a virtual classroom (online class)
  • Easy access and simple to join classes - located in the CBD Melbourne
  • Small group size - Maximum 6 in a classroom  


You will use New Easy Korean 1A for your course.

You can purchase your textbook here.

Please check your options and choose your preferred time!

Do you have questions? Contact us here