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We all love studying Korean, especially at a fun school like My Korean School. But sometimes we forget to study!

Personally, I like my study to be easy and fun as possible, and recently I have been using some apps to help me. These are great because I can do my study while sitting on the train, waiting in a café or just simply before I go to bed.

All these tools can be used no matter what your level. Which is even better because you can use them throughout your whole study journey.

  1. Duolingo – this tool is great for learning as it uses games in a mis of read, writing, and speaking. This can be used on your phone and your computer. If you use it on your computer, it will give you more tips than on your phone.
  2. Memrise – make flashcards and test yourself with this app. On this app you can also access flashcard lists that others may have made to test yourself.
  3. Lingq – learn Korean using videos, audio, and texts that the app finds for you. This app is great because it uses the language in real life scenarios to help you learn.
  4. Forvo – a free app that helps you to learn punctuation. Other users can help you learn, or you can look up words in the database. They have over 4 million words in 355+ languages so you will probably find the words you are looking for!

Let us know what tools you like to use to learn Korean or any tips you have!


Written by Victoria Rogan – MKS Student

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