K-pop (Goblin OST) singing lessons with Jun
K-pop (Goblin OST) singing lessons with Jun
K-pop (Goblin OST) singing lessons with Jun
K-pop (Goblin OST) singing lessons with Jun

K-pop (Goblin OST) singing lessons with Jun

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About the vocal trainer Jun

🎵 Holds a distinguished music school degree from Korea, specializing in applied and practical music.

🎤 Boasts an extensive and thriving decade-long career as a professional singer.

💫 Served as a vocal trainer for new trainees at a prestigious Korean K-pop entertainment company.

🌍 Demonstrates a rich experience of 5 years as a vocal trainer, catering to talents in both Korea and Australia.

K-pop (Goblin OST) singing lessons with Jun 

Get ready for an awesome musical adventure while diving into the world of beautiful Korean language! Come and join our super cool Korean Music Course, led by none other than our rockstar teacher, JUN! 🎵🇰🇷 Let's make learning music and Korean a blast together! 😄

Course Details:

  • Course Name: K-pop (Goblin OST) singing lessons
  • Duration: 4 sessions
  • Class Schedule: Thursdays, starting from August 17th
  • Time: 12:00 pm to 13:00 pm

Course Highlights:

  1. Learn and master a Korean song - Goblin OST: Each week we'll explore a different part of a picked song, allowing you to expand your Korean vocabulary and pronunciation through music.

  2. Cultural Insights: Discover the meaning and context behind the songs, gaining a deeper understanding of Korean culture and traditions.

  3. Interactive Learning: Our classes are designed to be lively and interactive, with JUN creating a warm and friendly environment for all learners.

  4. Embrace Your Inner Performer: Unleash your inner artist as we sing and dance to the rhythm of K-pop hits. It's time to showcase your talents!

Whether you're a K-pop enthusiast, language lover, or just looking for a joyful learning experience, this course is perfect for you. Join JUN and a group of like-minded learners as we immerse ourselves in the world of Korean music and language.

Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to add a touch of cuteness and music to your language learning journey! Enroll now and let JUN guide you through the wonders of Korean melodies.

Limited seats are available, so reserve your spot today!

    How to join our classes:

    1. Complete the payment via this website.
    2. You will get a confirmation email and a greeting email from us.
    3. Your teacher will send you an email one day prior to the first session.
    4. If you come in for in-person class, you can simply google our address that is shown in the email.