Elementary 1A-2

Elementary 1A-2

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Elementary 1A-2 Korean Classes - Melbourne

In the Elementary 1A-2 Korean class, you will learn how to talk about what you did over the weekend and your plans for next year using past and future tenses. Also, you will learn different kinds of time and place marking particles to expand the sentence in order to provide more details. For example,

-언니는 아버지 뒤에 있어요.
-금요일에 운동을 안 해요.

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Elementary 1A-2 Korean Classes

- Face to face, Melbourne CBD



Mondays 08 July 4.30 - 5.55 pm(8 weeks)

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    Wednesdays 31 July 6.00 - 7.25 pm(8 weeks)

      • 10% discount expires on 24 July 



      Fridays 16 Aug 6.00 - 7.25 pm(8 weeks)

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        Tuesdays 20 Aug 4.30 - 5.55 pm(8 weeks)

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          You will use New Easy Korean 1A for your course.

          You can purchase your textbook here.


          0. How do I know my level?

          We offer a complimentary level test for you. Please reach out to us here! We'll send you the test promptly.

          1. What can I expect from our class?

          1. Language Proficiency: Learn essential Korean expressions and create your own sentences in 8 weeks.

          2. Expert Instruction: Learn from highly trained Korean teachers with native pronunciation.

          3. Structured Learning: Enjoy a well-organised and efficient curriculum designed for beginners.

          4. Learning Resources: Access easy-to-use and free class materials, as well as free recordings (subject to terms and conditions).

          5. Personalised Attention: Benefit from a small class size, with 3 to 6 students in a classroom (maximum 8), ensuring personalised attention and opportunities for active participation.

          7. Flexibility: All classes are recorded, allowing you to review missed sessions or study at your own pace.

          8. Cultural Insight: Immerse yourself in Korean culture with insights into etiquette, customs, and more as part of the curriculum.

          2. What happens after payment?

          When you enrol in one of our courses, here's what you can expect:

          1. Confirmation Email: Shortly after your payment, you will receive a confirmation email to acknowledge your enrolment.
          2. Class Materials: Your dedicated teacher will send you the necessary class materials in advance. These materials will help you follow along during the course.
          3. Classroom Location: You will receive details about the physical location of the classroom where your face-to-face sessions will take place.
          4. Preparation: We recommend reviewing the materials provided before the class starts, ensuring you come prepared for a productive learning experience.
          5. Questions or Concerns: If you have any queries or concerns before the course starts, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to assist you every step of the way!

          3. Do I learn Korean with Romanisation?

          As learning Korean with Romanisation definitely hurts your progress, if you really want to learn Korean language, it is must to learn reading Hangul. To tell you the truth, learning Hangul is pretty simple. Basically, it’s almost impossible to design a simpler writing system than Hangul that would still work with the Korean language.

          King Sejong said that “a wise man can acquaint himself with them [the alphabet]
          before morning is over; a stupid man can learn them in the space of ten days.”

          Do you have more questions?

          DM us on Instagram @mykoreanschool_

          or contact us here


          MKS Level 
          Elementary 1A-2
          Study Goals

          Learn basic Korean expressions.

          Use of basic commands of Korean for survival, such as greeting, purchasing, ordering, etc.

          TOPIK  Level 1
          Textbook New Easy Korean 1A